Dad Goes To Beauty School So He Can Braid Daughter’s Hair

By : Alex Bentley |


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I’m not a dad. But if I do ever have a kid, I’m hoping it’s a boy, because I would be absolutely hopeless with a little girl. I wouldn’t have a clue what to do. Unless I had some lessons like this guy.

Greg Wickherst is now a single dad after splitting with his daughter’s mum just over a year ago. And obviously, this means he has to get her ready for school.

Most of us lads just aren’t very good at braiding hair. Some are, obviously, before you kick off… But most aren’t. I asked about, it’s fine. Anyway, Greg can’t braid hair either (see!), so he decided to do something about that so his little girl can go to school with her hair how she likes it.

The devoted dad works at a college, so he visited the hair and beauty department and is now receiving lessons.

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THIS is how to be a proper parent. Well played!