Dad Schools Sexy Selfie Taking Daughter On Facebook

By : Rebecca Knight |


UNILAD selgie9

All you need to do in order to see some pretty suggestive selfies is take a look at Facebook.

Girls pouting, girls ‘getting ready’ and girls just chilling at home in tiny pjs are all the range.

So when one girl posted a picture of herself complete with a pair of knee-high socks on her bed, elicited a response she probably didn’t expect.

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While she probably racked up the likes, the one reply that caught people’s attention was her dad’s, which has gone viral with nearly a million views, taking the internet by storm.

He posted his own alluring snap, complete with laptop and cup of tea for all to enjoy – on his bed, obviously.

The snap was uploaded to Reddit by the poor girl’s brother, along with the caption:

My sister posted a picture to Facebook, my Dad responded.

Round one – Dad. We eagerly await the duck pout and boob selfies…