Dan Bilzerian Is Going To Fight A Blogger for $250,000

By : Alex Bentley |


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Dan Bilzerian leads a mental life, we all know that. When he isn’t losing millions playing poker, chilling on a yacht with Playboy models, or throwing porn stars off a roof, he is beating a court case that could have landed him in prison for 12 years. Or fighting a blogger for $250,000.

Nik Richie is a blogger for The Dirty that has never held back his opinion on Bilzerian. He really, really, doesn’t like him.

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This is Nik Richie, if you haven’t seen him before.

They engaged in some Twitter beef, which ended up with Bilzerian offering Richie a lot of money, to fight him.

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Bilzerian recently got away with jail time following blowing up a truck on his own land. He made the explosives himself and shot them. The case could have had a maximum sentence of 12 years in prison, but obviously, he has the best law team money can buy, so he walked.

Here he is blowing stuff up.

It’s not yet known if the fight will actually take place, but if it does, who do you think will win/?