Danish Politician Poses Nude For Ballsy Election Campaign

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Danish Politician Poses Nude For Ballsy Election Campaign wagner WEBErika Stanley

John Erik Wagner is running for Prime Minister in Denmark and he’s decided the best way to convince people he’s the best man for the job is to pose nude.

The 51-year-old has been labelled ‘the naked cowboy’ after his ballsy campaign posters were plastered all over Copenhagen.

Wagner is standing as in independent candidate in the upcoming election and wears just a cowboy hat and a holster in the raunchy photos, as he aims to prove he’s the total package.

And apparently he’s well within his rights to bare all for the cause.

Ivan Partov of Copenhagen Municipality said:

It’s not against the law in itself to hang that kind of poster up, if you’re running in the general election. But if the poster is deemed to to interfere with road users’ attention, then it’s another matter. We have now reviewed the poster and assess that it is not problematic. So they won’t be taken down.

A tailor by trade, Wagner makes all his own cowboy costumes, and models them on his personal YouTube channel.

I wonder if Ed Miliband would have got more votes in the UK election if he’d taken his clothes off in his campaign videos? The ‘Milifandom’ would have loved it, that’s for sure.