Daughter Challenges Dad To Make Pancake Machine From Lego, He Succeeds

By : Rebecca Knight |


pancakebot1 589x426

Having pancakes on the table waiting for you to come down for breakfast is a pretty good situation to be in but one three year old challenged her dad to take things to new heights.

The little girl had mistakenly thought her father had promised to build her a pankcake printing machine – from Lego. Her father, being a designer and not a mere mortal like most of us who probably would have just given her some more syrup to make her forget about it, decided to make it happen.

Miguel Valenzuela spent four years honing the device and making it ready for 3D food printing and it can actually be purchased on Kickstarter for a discounted price of $179 – far less than the usual $299!

The super dad claimed:

It took a while to develop the final prototype, but the girls were supportive throughout the project.

When they saw the final result of being able to make Mickey Mouse pancakes with Lego PancakeBot, the first version, they were ecstatic.

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Pretty cool!


[via fastcoexist]