Daughter Told Her Father Is Dead When He Was Just On Holiday

By : Rebecca Knight |


dead man

Imagine sending your dad off on a holiday of a lifetime and happily thinking of the duty free gifts you were set to get upon his return. Well, that was what one girl thought she was getting after sending her dad, Andrew Kirchin, off to South Africa – only to get a letter telling her he was dead.

Said letter came from the Department of Work and Pensions, who offered their condolences for his passing and then went on to make it clear that his pension would now be stopped as they had passed on to the council that Andrew himself had passed on.

That’s bad enough, but it then turned out Andrew was not dead at all, and the confusion ensued.

He raged:

I am livid over the entire situation. Nobody has told me how it happened and what the knock-on effect could be.

I don’t know if my driving licence or passport is invalidated. At first I tried to laugh about it, but actually I am livid. My daughter is still worried about the whole thing.

Imagine what it would have been like when she opened a letter telling her I was dead. It is shocking.

dead man 2

We can understand why he was not exactly thrilled with the declaration of his death – and to simply call it an ‘administrative error’ is slightly underplaying the situation!

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