David Cameron Stays Silent As ‘Pig Gate’ Continues On Social Media

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David Cameron Stays Silent As Pig Gate Continues On Social Media UNILAD david cameron3David Cameron

Yesterday, it emerged that David Cameron allegedly dipped his genitals into a dead pig’s mouth while at university, and understandably, it set the internet alight.

I suppose it’s not often you get to hear about the leader of your country once having weird pig sex, so the elation on social media once the news broke was more than expected, and today, Downing Street is still silent on the matter.

Basically, the story goes that the young whippersnapper inserted a “private part of his anatomy” into a dead pig’s mouth during his student days at the prestigious Oxford University.

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Twelve hours on, the internet’s reaction is still going strong, with the victim even going public and wading in on the affair…

And with that, the tweets just keep on coming…


Even George Osborne had to hold in the laughter when questioned about the incident in China this morning…

According to the Independent, a spokesperson for the Prime Minister, when asked about the incident, said: “It’s a no comment from us. On any of it.”

Yeah, you definitely will…