David Hasselhoff Crashes A Wedding In Southend

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David Hasselhoff Crashes A Wedding In Southend hoff wedding

Imagine if Knight Rider crashed your wedding.

That is what happened to Clare and Craig Shipman.

The couple were celebrating their wedding in the Roslin Beach Hotel in Southend, and The Hoff is currently appearing in pantomime there. Friends of the happy couple spotted the Baywatch star eating in the restaurant, and asked if he’d go and congratulate the happy couple, to which he agreed ‘without hesitation’.

Craig said that it topped off his perfect day:

It was priceless – a brilliant way to top off the best day of my life. I lived the dream and married the woman of my life!

They walked through the door and congratulated us and put their arms around us and Kai and Macie. All the boys shouted β€˜It’s Knight Rider!’

Oh yeah, the quote says ‘they’. The Hoff wasn’t on his own, he was with Christopher Biggins, obviously.