Girl Complains About DC Comics Superheroes, So They Turn Her Into One

By : Alex Bentley |



This young girl is a big comic book fan, but had a few bones to pick with DC Comics recently.

Rowan Hansen, 11, recently wrote a letter to DC to complain about their female superheroes, or lack of. She asked why there aren’t many of them, and why the ones that do exist are scantily clad.

If Batman gets to wear armour then why doesn’t Superwoman get to wear armour?

I know that some people will probably comment saying that SuperMAN doesn’t wear armour, and Batgirl does, but shush. She is 11, and is making a point.

DC read the letter and took it on board, replying on Twitter.


And what did DC create?

rowan hansen dc comics twitter e1424702094126

This picture of the new superhero that they created is actually Raven in superhero form. Amazing.

She’s persistent though:

I don’t want people to think, “Oh, yeah, okay, they responded to her. Now it’s over.’ I want people to keep trying to make this happen, because it’s really important to me.

It is a really cool gesture by DC, and I’m pretty sure that Rowan is made up with it.