Dirty Pair Strip Off In Cafe, Have Sex While Staff Watch On CCTV

By : Alex Bentley |


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We all get horny sometimes, it’s a natural part of life. But this Russian couple definitely take it to another level.

In Russia, it’s cold out, so a couple ducked into a coffee house to get warm. After ordering their drinks, they went to the empty part of the cafe, and started to get comfortable. And by comfortable, I mean naked.

The frisky pair started having sex, meanwhile staff gathered around the CCTV monitor to watch! Only in Russia.

A waiter from the cafe said:

They came in and were clearly loved up, kissing and giggling all the time. When they started snogging we thought it best to give them some privacy as we like to be discreet with our guests and concentrated ourselves in the front of the cafe. But we had no idea they would take their clothes off and treat the place as a bedroom.

Eventually, the pair were interrupted and asked to leave.

Sometimes, you just gotta do what you gotta do, I guess.