Disney World Stop Selling Animal Poo Sweets After Customer Complaints

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Walt Disney World in Florida have been forced to stop selling realistic animal poo sweets after guests complained.

Two weeks ago, Disney World’s Animal Kingdom opened up a new sweet shop called Zuri’s and, to fit with the theme, the store decided to sell realistic animal poop candy.

That’s right, they were literally selling crap – creating hippo, elephant, giraffe and tamarin excrement in chocolate form.

It was an interesting promotional tool and, although the new $3.99 (£2.50) ‘poop platter’ sweets were reportedly delicious, they looked like sh*t, which was a bit of a turn off for some guests at the park.



Following the release of the chocolates, numerous people complained online, with complaints ranging from “classless” to “trashy” to “disgusting” to “non-Disney”.

So if you were hoping to sample these for yourself, you can’t now because the animal poo candy is no longer being sold at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

And there’s no news on if the sweets will ever be available for purchase again. Bear Grylls will be gutted…