Dog Diagnosed With Cancer Gets Bucket List Including Police Car Ride

By : Rebecca Knight |



Symon Spencer was devastated when his dog Coco was diagnosed with cancer and only given six weeks to live, and he decided to make a bucket list for Coco so she could enjoy her final few weeks.

Coco enjoyed a Big Mac meal, a ride in a police helicopter, rides in a police car, ice cream and a meal in a restaurant, and even met vet Noel Fitzpatrick.


He claimed:

I’m really glad she was able to complete the bucket list. She was an amazing dog and I stayed with her the whole time. I was the last thing she saw. The support from everyone has been amazing.


Coco died on May 5th and Symon claimed:

She was in agony and needed lots of painkillers to cope. When she was giving her last breath, I was kissing her lots and hugging her.

I feel absolutely empty now.

Our hearts go out to Symon, but at least Coco got to live out her days in peace.


Daily Mirror