Dog Meat Trader Accidentally Kills Himself Demonstrating New Slaughter Weapon

By : Sam Ridgway |


yulin dog meat festivalReuters

A rogue dog meat trader in China accidentally killed himself while demonstrating a new weapon used to kill dogs for their meat.

The man shot himself in the leg with the poisonous dart while showing other gang members how the weapon is used – he died on his way to the hospital.

Police were alerted to the incident, and as a result, five other black-market gang members were arrested. According to reports, they later admitted to killing more than 1,000 dogs, freezing them, then selling the meat.


In some areas of China, dog meat is a popular delicacy, particularly in Hunan, where the incident took place.

Animal rights activists and dog lovers in the country are putting the dog meat industry under increasing pressure at the moment – which forces sellers onto the black market and in turn, puts them in danger of being arrested and charged.

We hope that pressure continues.