Dog Yoga Is Here – ‘Doga’, Obviously

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18 Dog Yoga Is Here   Doga, Obviously

I am very much a dog person. I’ve got a recued staffy sitting on my feet as I type this. Not sure how into ‘Doga’ I am though…


Dog… Yoga.

Not sure how this became a thing, to be honest. I can only assume somebody was stretching in the living room and the dog sat on them, and they just carried on.


22 Dog Yoga Is Here   Doga, Obviously

A yoga class while dogs are wandering round sounds like a stressful pain in the arse, but that is exactly what people are doing. The OM Yoga Show is in Manchester later this month, offering canine-friendly classes. So if you want to get bendy with your dog, go along!


There is absolutely NO way my dog could do this. Or me, for that matter.


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