Driver Who Ended Up In Altercation With Cyclist Sees Coffee Shops Trolled On TripAdvisor

By : Rebecca Knight |


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After one cyclist failed to use the right lane and ended up in an altercation with a Land Rover driver, Jason Wells, the video of the incident and subsequent argument was shared multiple times on social media, with cyclists everywhere taking exception to Well’s attitude and trolling his chain of coffee shops.

The coffee shop owner was originally filmed in a massive rant at the cyclist, and despite it being captured on camera, didn’t seem too bothered, something which he probably regrets now given it has gone viral and the cafĂ© itself has come under a huge amount of criticism on TripAdvisor, with said owner copping a fair bit of flak from pervious customers, who did not think much of him at all.

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The Australian has now apologised for his behaviour, probably in a last ditch attempt to get some good press for his chain of shops in Clapham, Putney, Wimbledon and Wandsworth.

The video is expletive laden, so if you’re having a read of this in the office or in the back of a lecture, you might want to put headphones in.


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