Drivers Furious As DVLA Website Crashes As Paper Licences Are Abolished

By : Rebecca Knight |


dvla web1PA

Abolishing paper driving licences has not exactly been the most popular of changes made by the DVLA, and things got a whole lot worse today after the website crashed on the first day everything officially switched to being online and paper licences were scrapped.

The DVLA boasted that they had been working on the new system for ‘months’ yet it was riddled with problems today and many motorists were unable to access the new online system – something which has not only caused outrage but a huge amount of inconvenience as well.


The website crashed, meaning that a huge number of holiday makers had to set off without having cars booked for when they arrived abroad.

The DVLA had assured holiday goers that they could get a code from the website that would stand-in for their paper licence when abroad – something they need to rent a car – and obviously there was a widespread outcry at the situation, with the DVLA being criticised and website users branding it a disgrace.

Given the school holidays are in six weeks, there are also fears that the increased traffic around that time period could also crash the website, although if it happens again, I dread to think about the response. Kim Kardashian might not be able to break Twitter, but the DVLA could!


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