Drug-Driving Crackdown Set To Commence After Tests Highlight Epidemic

By : Rebecca Knight |



Drug-drivers cause 200 deaths on the road in the UK each year, and after the introduction of a new drugalyser, police have warned that we are facing a serious problem with people getting into their cars and driving while under the influence of drugs.

To put it into context, only 5% of people who were stopped in the whole of 2014 failed a breathalyser test when pulled over by police after being suspected of drink-driving.

Yet when introducing the drugalyser, 45% of those pulled over by the London Met failed the test, 56% of those pulled over by South Yorkshire Police also failed and 40% of those stopped and tested by Warwickshire, West Mercia and Dorset police were all found to be under the influence of drugs.


Out of those who were suspected of driving under the influence of drugs and failed, a massive 80% were found to be high on cannabis.

A spokesperson for the Transport Police claimed:

For the first time those driving with drugs in the body are dealt with in the same way as drink drivers.

This makes for seriously worrying reading, and from the figures, it seems that we’re going to be hearing a lot more about drug-driving in the future.


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