Dude Gets Tattoo In Hebrew He Thinks Means Strength, It Actually Means Cracker

By : Rebecca Knight |



You know how people (usually your parents) tell you that no good will ever come from getting a tattoo? Well, one dude is finding that out in spades right about now.

After thinking he had been inked with the Hebrew symbol for ‘strength’, this guy has now gone viral after it emerged that his tattoo actually means ‘cracker’.


This is what Sruli Schochet had to say after seeing the dude in Walmart and getting into a conversation about his tattoo:

So we were at the Walmart in Bentonville, AR buying some food and we see this guy with a massive arm tattoo. Shmueli Newman asks him if he knows what it means. “Yes” he proudly says, “it means ‘strength’ just like my name. I got it while I was in the military.” We didn’t have the heart to tell him.

Schochet has claimed he will help crowdsource online donations should the guy get in touch and want it removed, and we think that would be a good idea, because let’s face it, who wants to be branded with the word cracker on their forearm?