Dude Wins Big At Casino, Blows It All On Epic Trip To Strip Club

By : Rebecca Knight |


strip club

One dude who won big at a casino decided to go on a bit of a celebration and after seeing his bill from Diamonds and Strings in Watford, Hertfordshire, we are pretty sure that not only will he have a sore head, he will seriously regret spending his winnings.

No matter how much money you have, managing to spend £16,745 in one night is pretty good going, but seven lap dancers and multiple magnums of champagne will about do it!

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The club’s general manager, Nas Mal predictably lavished praise on his new favourite customer, claiming:

He had a win at a casino in London and decided to come to Hertfordshire to spend a great deal on money with us.

He was in our VIP area, he hired out our most expensive room with about seven girls and ordered our best champagne. He stayed there and partied all night long.

He’s certainly shot to the top of my best customer list.

We don’t question he’s now their favourite customer, but doubt they’ve given him a loyalty card to collect points with after that bill!


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