EE Sends Email To Customer Calling Him A ‘F*cking C*nt’

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One EE customer was astonished to receive an expletive laden email from the phone company after cancelling his order with the telecoms giants.


Charlie Doherty became embroiled in a row over the phone with an EE customer service worker, after they refused to accept a £35 payment over the phone.

Charlie, who is from south-east London, claimed that he did say something that made the EE worker hang up on him, but said that being rude in the ‘heat of the moment’ is one thing, and abusing someone in a thought-out email afterwards is ‘a different thing altogether’.


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The email read as follows:

Hi, This is an email confirming that your order with EE has now been cancelled and any refunds required have now been raised.

Sam to u ur a f****** c***.

EE obviously admitted that it was inexcusable – and have offered their apologies, with the member of staff responsible now facing action being taken against him.


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