Elderly Indian Woman Stripped Naked And Beheaded After Being Accused Of Witchcraft

By : Jamie Roberts |


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An elderly woman in the Indian state of Assam has been stripped naked and beheaded by villagers who accused her of practicing witchcraft.

63-year-old Purni Orang was blamed for a recent spate of illness that had been afflicting the tribal settlement. She was attacked by a mob, who dragged her to a stream, stripped her and killed her.

Local media have reported that a young woman claiming to be a goddess had identified Orang as a witch, telling villagers that she was bringing them bad luck.

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After the incident police were initially blocked from getting to the body, but managed to eventually disperse the crowds. Seven people have now been arrested, including two women.

Assam has been the scene of similar incidents in the past, with local police claiming nearly 90 people have been killed as a result of similar accusations. Experts have claimed that superstitious beliefs are the usual cause of these incidents, but that sometimes people are targeted for their land and property.