Ever Wanted To ‘Unsend’ Drunken Texts? This New App Lets You

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Ever Wanted To Unsend Drunken Texts? This New App Lets You strings fb thumb

Strings is a new app coming out that lets you ‘unsend’ messages, pictures, videos and anything else you can accidentally send when drunk on your smart phone.

Ever sent a stupid drunk message to a friend or a naked picture to your mum? Of course you have, everyone has. But now with this new app you can unsend all the things you regret.

The app description says:

We believe you deserve a way to spontaneously and fearlessly share your most intimate moments and personal thoughts from your smartphone. So we developed Strings. With Strings, you can say whatever you want, share any video or photograph you want, to whomever you want. And take it back if you want. And your friend, relative, workmate or partner cannot share it with anyone else. Unless you want them to.

Strings is based on your phone number, just like texting. Only people you add as a friend can share with you on Strings. There are no privacy policies. Nothing sent by mistake that you cannot retrieve.

Here’s a little look at the layout.

Ever Wanted To Unsend Drunken Texts? This New App Lets You String Messaging App screenshots

The only catch is that for you to be able to use Strings, your friends have to be using it as well.

Now that might sound like a major flaw, but what were you expecting? It’s one step closer to what we’ve all wanted and there’s a good chance everyone will have it pretty soon anyway. (Fingers crossed).

Just think of it as a marriage between WhatsApp and Snapchat.