Ex Fifa Vice President Cites Satirical ‘The Onion’ Article In Video Rant

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Ex Fifa Vice President Cites Satirical The Onion Article In Video Rant CGWNU2qVAAAqiYN

You would think by now that most people are aware that The Onion is one big joke and not to be taken seriously. Well, Jack Warner certainly isn’t. Grab a tissue because this onion debacle will have your eyes watering.

The ex-Fifa vice president went on an eight minute rant in a video on his Facebook page – protesting his innocence, claiming that he was totally surprised by the allegations made by them. He then thanked the people on social media who have apparently supported him since his surrender to police in Trinidad and Tobago. But this is when it gets good. Warner decided to go on the offensive in the final minutes of the video and attempted to put the USA to the sword – by holding up a printout of an Onion article headlined “FIFA Frantically Announces 2015 Summer World Cup In United States”

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Although Warner has now deleted the video from his Facebook page, the internet did not fail to deliver and it has since been uploaded to YouTube:


If you decide to watch the whole video, my personal favourite moment is his indignation that the FBI did not give him any warning prior to his arrest.

But the joke doesn’t end there. In a typical incompetent fashion, Warner has left the video on his website Warner.TV. I wonder how long it will be before he realises…

Let’s be honest, maybe the man is innocent, and judging by that video it would be very easy to set him up as the fall guy. It seems he has no idea what he’s doing.


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