Ex Marine Who Died Fighting ISIS Described As ‘One Man Army’

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Ex Marine Who Died Fighting ISIS Described As One Man Army 117

A former Royal Marine killed fighting ISIS in Syria has been described as a ‘one man army’ who was ‘very angry about the Middle East’.

Konstandinos Erik Scurfield was battling alongside Kurdish forces near Qamishli, Syria when he was hit by mortar fire.

The 25-year-old flew to the region on his own free will after becoming frustrated by lack of government action against ISIS. His fellow comrades said he was always the first to volunteer for ambushes and assaults.

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Scurfield is now the first UK national to be killed fighting Islamic State in Syria.

Footage emerged of him last night, speaking to the camera in combat gear. In the video he says: ‘My name is Konstandinos Erik Scurfield. I came here on my own free will and I came here to help.’


According to the Daily Mail, it also emerged that he was questioned by police in October after growing suspicion of him going to Syria to fight jihadists.

He was returned to his unit in Arbroath, Scotland, but left the Armed Forces before Christmas. He then travelled to Syria to fight.

Our thoughts go out to his friends and family. He was a true hero.