Exhausted Marathon Runner Lost His Car, This Guy Found It

By : Sam Ridgway |



A runner who completed the Manchester Marathon was so exhausted that he forgotten where he had parked his car.

Wolverhampton lad, Jason Matthews, had no idea where he’d left his black Saab 93 sport and after searching for hours on end, had to give up and get the train home.

Just over a week later, he still hadn’t managed to locate his beloved vehicle, until someone stepped in to help.


After reading about the 40-year-old’s story, Adam Coppin, 32, managed to locate his car after spending his day off work looking for it. He ended up finding it in an office car park.

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News, Adam said:

I’ve been in similar situations parking at work, then forgetting what floor of the multi-storey I’ve parked on and walking around for ages.

I could imagine his frustration, especially after running a marathon.

Jason now plans on travelling back to Manchester to pick up his car, and has said he will donate some money to a charity of Adam’s choice as a thank you.

Good work, Adam!