FA Chief States England Are ‘Not Interested’ In Hosting Either 2018 Or 2022 World Cup

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FA Chief States England Are Not Interested In Hosting Either 2018 Or 2022 World Cup TN124

With the ongoing scandal at FIFA, talk has now moved to the 2018 and 2022 World Cup tournaments being stripped from their current hosts. But the FA have announced that they aren’t interested in taking over.

FA chief executive Martin Glenn has spoken out on the possibility of England hosting either tournament… Ruling it out.

He said:

We are really not interested.

Speaking about Russia, he said:

They have not had a World Cup, why shouldn’t they play there? And 2022 was never going to be in Europe [under Fifa rules] so it should be outside of Europe.

So we support the World Cup being dispersed around the world, as the name suggests.

With the arrests of FIFA officials, and Sepp Blatter finally stepping down, a shake up is imminent, which Glenn welcomes.

We are very pleased that there is going to be change at FIFA.

We will work with Uefa and Fifa to make sure there is progress. We need someone who is strong and will professionalise the set-up.

It’s a bit odd that he said this, because England were bidding to host the World Cup – So why would they rule themselves out of it, when they are already a lot more prepared to host it than some other countries?


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