Facebook Announces That Adverts Are On Their Way To Instagram

By : Alex BentleyTwitterLogo


Facebook Announces That Adverts Are On Their Way To Instagram TN15

It was always going to happen…

The Facebook-owned app Instagram will soon be opening it’s platform up to advertisers.

It has had very few adverts appearing since 2013, by specially selected brands such as Levi’s and Burberry, but now companies will be able to buy advertising space through Instagram directly, or via Facebook.

The number of adverts is due to increase massively. Oh, good.

Instagram released an official blog, saying:

Advertisers also want to target their messages in more effective ways and reach people not just because of their age, location and gender, but because of the people, places and things they love.

Working with Facebook, we will enable advertisers to reach people on Instagram based on demographics and interests, as well as information businesses have about their own customers.

Seeing as Instagram made £2.3 BILLION in the first three months of this year, it’s hard to believe that advertising is necessary!

One of the things I’ve always liked about Instagram is the lack of advertising. If people keep posting stuff I don’t wan’t to look at, like baby photo’s and their dinner, I can just unfollow them. If anoying adverts keep popping up, there’s going to be very little we can do about it!