Facebook Wants To Warn You Before Posting A Drunken Selfie

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You know the story, you go out looking sharp as fuck, stay out looking sharp as fuck and come home looking sharp as fuck.

Only that’s not the real story, just a short fiction your drunk self tells you before you go to bed. The reality is that you went out looking all right, threw up down an alley and came home with a greasy kebab covered in sick.

The worst part is that during this time you thought you looked sharp as fuck, you wanted to tell everybody about it on Facebook which now, in your hungover state, you can see was a terrible idea.

Well pretty soon such things might be easier to avoid as Facebook is looking into ways that will recognise photos of you drunk compared to you sober. And it will give you a polite warning like: “Mate, you’re wasted. Are you sure you want to show everyone what a pisshead you are?”

Okay so the message will probably be nicer than that, but you get the idea.

Facebook Wants To Warn You Before Posting A Drunken Selfie 1047568 playing drunken twister at the horn bar on my rescue graduation 1

Facebook wants to use face recognition technology with artificial intelligence to put this idea into practice. According to Wired, head of Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence Lab, Yann LeCun explained:

“He wants to build a kind of Facebook digital assistant that will, say, recognize when you’re uploading an embarrassingly candid photo of your late-night antics. In a virtual way, he explains, this assistant would tap you on the shoulder and say: ‘Uh, this is being posted publicly. Are you sure you want your boss and your mother to see this?'”

This might sound kind of awesome but think about it, do you want Facebook telling how bad you look? Do you want Facebook telling you what to do?

Maybe this is just the start of Mark Zuckerberg trying to control us all. But where does it all end?

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