Faces Of People Who Litter In Hong Kong Are Being Posted All Over The City

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Hong Kong officials have come up with an innovative new method for stopping littering in the city.

Anyone who litters could now see photos of their faces plastered all over the city as part of a new anti-littering campaign led by environmental organisation ‘Hong Kong Cleanup’.

Remarkably, the organisation will analyse DNA samples left on the dropped litter to create a digital rendering of each offender’s face.

The organisation will also take into account context clues – such as location, litter type and demographic information – to give a more accurate depiction of each individual litterbug.

The campaign, which is a collaboration with Ecozine and The Nature Conservancy, was officially launched in Hong’s Kong’s subway systems and media as part of Earth Day on Wednesday April 22.

It really takes the tactic of naming and shaming to another level.


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