Fancy A Pierced Vagina? You’ll Be Mutilating Yourself Apparently

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Fancy A Pierced Vagina? Youll Be Mutilating Yourself Apparently vagina

Tattoos and piercings are such a common occurrence these days that unless you’ve already got a Ford Focus, two kids and have been married for the last 18 years and haven’t been getting any for the last eight, you don’t really think too much of them. Of course there are more risqué tattoos that catch the eye, and genital piercings have always been a little bit more adventurous than an ear one.

Now you can see why that might be the case, but after the Department of Health ruled a vagina piercing would now amount to genital mutilation, and they are hell bent on recording as many instances of said ‘mutilation’ as possible, there has been a fair bit of outcry.

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We obviously think that any kind of serious mutilation is a horrendous crime and our hearts go out to the females actually suffering from the awful act – but this is simply one PC step too far by the DoH – and we can understand why the Tattoo and Piercing Industry Union have made it very clear they feel genital piercings are in ‘no way related’ to female genital mutilation.

We are big fans of a cheeky piercing or two and see no reason why the women getting them should be classed in such a manner!

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