Fans Of FIFA To Choose Cover Stars For FIFA 16

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The cover of FIFA 16 is currently being decided and for once, football fans can vote for who they want on it!

Of course Barcelona star and next year’s Ballon d’Or favourite Lionel Messi will be on there – that is pretty much set in stone, but fans can now vote for someone they want to join him, and while you might be imagining the likes of Eden Hazard and David De Gea, the four players chosen are an odd mixture to say the least.

First up we have Harry Kane, who Spurs fans love and think is the next messiah, and the man to deliver them the top four next season. Then comes Thibaut Courtois, who has been great for Chelsea and is a double winner with the Blues. But is he really a worldwide star or someone who has been better than Man Utd star, David De Gea? Again, no, and no matter if De Gea stays at United (unlikely but they can dream) or moves to Real Madrid, he is still a bigger global icon than the Belgian.

Sergio Aguero is an understandable one, and if he could actually manage to stay fit for a full campaign, would be a Ballon d’Or candidate – but given he plans on staying at City until they win the Champions League, so will be playing for them in both this life and the afterlife, his inclusion alongside compatriot Lionel Messi is a bit strange this season.

All of those pale in comparison to Jordan Henderson, however, who might have had an impressive run as Liverpool skipper until they faced United, but really, Hendo? What are the officials at FIFA smoking? Well, the ones that are left at any rate. At least Gerrard being a choice for the cover would have been a better send off than Liverpool managed to give him.

If you actually did want to vote for any of the four ‘choices’, you can do so by using the hashtag #FIFA16UKCover. And before you watch the video, here’s our choice, obviously…

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