Nigel Farage Reports The BBC To The Police Over A Joke

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Nigel Farage Reports The BBC To The Police Over A Joke Nigel Farage cartoon fat catSource: Gary Barker | This isn't the first time Farage has been made to look like a pussy.

As well as not being able to take orders from the European Union, it turns out UKIP leader Nigel Farage can’t take a joke. According to the Daily Mail, last night Farage reported the BBC to the police over a joke – claiming the broadcaster had reported false information that could damage his election chances.

During Friday’s episode of Have I Got News For You, journalist Camilla Long said she’d spent more time in South Thanet than its would-be MP – a statement the UKIP leader was certainly not too pleased with, describing it as a ‘blatant’ breach of electoral law.

Nigel Farage Reports The BBC To The Police Over A Joke lead largeJournalist, Camilla Long

Farage has since defended himself against the perceived attack, stating he has held over 20 public meetings in the constituency since January – and has a residence there.

Kent police acknowledged the complaint, however, explained no action will be taken as Camilla Long nor the BBC have broken any laws.

Nigel was clearly not happy with the decision, and when asked if Ukip was now ‘at war’ with the BBC, he said:

I think we have reached the point now where it is. There was an Ofcom ruling that said there are four major parties in British politics. Sky News and ITV News have recognised this, but the BBC, who are not bound by Ofcom, just haven’t recognised that.

In much of the BBC’s election coverage we’re reduced to being just a little bit part player and we’re really unhappy about it.

Nigel Farage believes the BBC are not giving the party the recognition it deserves, because the broadcaster has received over 30 million euros worth of funding in the last seven years and are pro-Europe. And this isn’t the first time he has taken a dig at them.

Speaking about Ms Long, the UKIP leader said:

I just hope I don’t bump into her at a cocktail party, I might not be able to behave properly.

Personally, I think it’s pathetic, and Nigel will require much thicker skin should he get anywhere near 10 Downing Street. I would like to mock him myself, but I’m on a final warning and can’t deal with another altercation with the police.


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