Father Brilliantly Outs Adopted Daughter’s Racist Bullies

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Father Brilliantly Outs Adopted Daughters Racist Bullies 168

Racism is very much alive in Prior Lake, Minnesota, and this proud father is having none of it.

Bradley Knudson has an adopted African American daughter that he loves “more than life itself”. So much so, that when she received offensive Snapchat videos from two students at her school, he decided to do something about it.

The videos contained pretty much exactly what you can expect from any sort of racist abuse. Ignorance, embarrassment and a lot of stupidity. But that’s not where it ended. Bradley, like any sensible father decided it would be right to contact the father of the kids in question.

But what a mistake that was. Or was it? People like this need exposing, and what he met on the other end of the phone was a prime example of someone stuck in the past. Someone who has views on the world that have completely warped his children. Views that will make a very uncomfortable life for anyone living in the modern world.

But then again, people like that don’t give a shit.