Father-Of-Two Flying To Iraq To Fight ‘Rabid Dogs’ Of ISIS

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110 Father Of Two Flying To Iraq To Fight Rabid Dogs Of ISIS

A father-of-two from Devon is raising money to pay for flights over to Iraq so he can fight against ISIS.


Steven Christopher Costa, 31, plans to head out to the Middle East next month to join the fight against Islamic State because “they need to be put down like rabid dogs”.

Costa spent six years in the Navy and is now doing what he can to raise cash to get himself out there and into the fight.

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Speaking about his decision, he said:


When you have a rabid dog, you take it to the vet and put it down. Lots of people have said it’s an admirable thing I am doing. I think it’s a necessary thing.

I will be saving a bullet or keeping a grenade strapped to my chest. If I get captured, I will pull the pin and take my life so there will be nothing for them to parade in any propaganda videos.

When and if he finally touches down in Iraq, Costa will join forces with Kurdish fighters and other foreign ex-soldiers who have also joined the battle against ISIS.

He was recruited through the Foreign Fighters Against ISIS Facebook page, who are helping ex-military personnel with their journey to ISIS-controlled territories.

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The married man is leaving two children behind at his home in Devon, and if he does make the journey, we wish him the best of luck.

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