Fed Up Dad Puts Kid’s Buggy On eBay, Gets A £150K Bid

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Fed Up Dad Puts Kids Buggy On eBay, Gets A £150K Bid ebayul

This ukjoel25 and yesterday he put his kid’s buggy on eBay. Sounds pretty normal right?

Well, it was, other than the description he left for it that quickly caught the attention of a lot of people. A lot of people around the world.

Here we have for sale the green monster that can only be Phil and Teds. I shall be glad to see it leave my premises and never return.

This was purchased against my wishes many years ago as I never wanted any children and a buggy signified my wife’s intent to have children. We argued much and this buggy signifies everything that ended my happy carefree low cost child free life.

Anyway as you can tell I hate the buggy. I now have 3 children, and a Labrador and am forced to endure the school run where women I don’t know try and discuss the price of centre parc holidays, and the benefits of the micro over the mini micro scooter. To summarize my life is over and this green albatross needs to go round some other poor sod’s neck.

Fed Up Dad Puts Kids Buggy On eBay, Gets A £150K Bid pram

Now you’re probably wondering why the f*ck there is a £150K bid sitting there. And yes, it is genuine.

This guy’s message garnered so much love from people around the world that his little green buggy now has a bid for £150,000.

Fair play! We just hope it is actually genuine and whoever has put the bid in pays up, because this dude definitely needs a break.