FEMEN Women Protested Against The Pope By Putting Crucifixes Up Their Arses – Watch

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Three women protested against the Vatican earlier this week by taking their tops off and simulating anal sex with crucifixes.

It’s fair to say that FEMEN are a fairly extreme feminist group (one of their website banners is a woman with a sickle in one hand and severed bollock in the other). Well three of its members made a protest on Friday at the Vatican in St. Peter’s Square, Rome.

They were protesting against the pope’s level of authority and influence in politics but the demonstration was quickly stopped by police.

In an official statement on its website, FEMEN said:

“Three FEMEN appeared in Vatican, at the St. Peter’s Square to denounce the visit of Pope Francis in EU Parliament on November 25th. FEMEN protest against a direct attack on secularism led by Catholic Church.
FEMEN advised to keep religious morals together with Pope “in private place”, illustrating it by putting catholic cross in the holy feminist ass!

Religion has no place in politic!
God is not a magician, Pope is not a politician!”

Courtesy of: www.ruptly.tv

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