FIFA DID Pay The FAI After That Thierry Henry Handball

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The Hand of the Frog caused a huge amount of controversy when Theirry Henry effectively scored the goal that took France to the World Cup and dumped the ROI out – after handling the ball before putting it in the back of the net.


John Delaney, the FAI chief exec, has admitted that they were paid €5m back in 2009, after the incident sparked outrage and at the time, it was claimed the FAI were even considering legal action against FIFA for the refereeing blunder that saw them miss out, and rumours of a payoff from FIFA did the rounds after a court case failed to materialise from the Irish FA.

Now Delaney has confessed that money did change hands, shocking Irish fans, who cannot believe their FA took money from the corrupt organisation.


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Obviously Twitter reacted accordingly:

Obviously Kay makes a great point (being a respected journo and all you might expect it) and the question of if this is now a precedent and just how far it will be adopted by governing bodies will now have to be asked – will UEFA start handing compo out because if so, Chelsea need a refund from their match in 2009 against Barcelona. Will the FA?


Oh, and of course there had to be a Blatter blunder in there:

The worst thing about this is no one is really shocked, and it shows that FIFA have a very long way to go before they regain credibility in anyone’s eyes.


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