Five Storey Building In NYC Collapses, Fire Injures 12, More Casualties Expected

By : Rebecca Knight |


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A fire has broken out in New York City’s East Village, and it has already claimed a host of victims, including 12 injured people, with four of those thought to be in a critical condition.

The roof of a five storey building collapsed after an explosion and not only was debris scattered across the road, three of the buildings next to the collapsed building on Second Avenue and 7th Street caught fire.

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175 firefighters initially went to the scene to tackle the blaze, thought to be a gas leak, with 250 firefighters from 50 different departments in Manhattan eventually working to temper the flames.

Tragically, there are thought to be more people trapped in the building – and while firefighters work to get them out, it seems the injuries and potential fatalities are not over yet.