Flight MH370 ‘Shot Down By US Air Force In 9/11 Fear’ Says Former Airline Boss




Former CEO of Proteus Airlines, Mark Dugain, believes Malaysian Flight MH370 was shot down by the US Air Force in fear of another 9/11 style attack.

The Frenchman has made these outlandish claims after recently speaking with residents in the Maldives who say they saw a “huge plane with red and blue stripes” fly over them at low altitude.

Other people from the island also showed him photos of devices seized by the Maldives military believed to also include a Malaysia Airlines fire extinguisher.

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Dugain says the plane travelled past the island of Diego Garcia, close to a US Navy base, when it mysteriously disappeared.

He also added that the plane was probably being remotely controlled after having its computers hacked.

None of the 239 passengers and staff have been found since the incident that shook the world and Dugain is not the first big name to speak out about it.

The search, that should have ended May 2014, is still ongoing.

[via Huffington Post]