Florida Man Calls 991 To Brag About His Muscles

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eduardo web Florida Man Calls 991 To Brag About His MusclesClick Orlando

One man from Florida decided that it was perfectly normal to not only call the police to brag about his muscles but also to hit on the emergency services operator while he was at it.


Eduardo Garcia called 911 to firstly boast about his amazing muscles (because he is obviously seeing something that we’re not) and then asked the operator if she was single and decided to hit on her.


He was arrested in the end after calling back repeatedly after the operator disconnected the call, and as he was being taken away by police, told officers that he wanted to head-butt them and kill them. What a stand-up kind of guy.

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Garcia hardly looks like someone who could qualify as Popeye so perhaps more spinach and less bragging is needed in the future.