Former TV Star Takes Stand Against Hackers, Posts Own Nudes

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Former TV Star Takes Stand Against Hackers, Posts Own Nudes stasey 640x426

With the rise of smartphones has come an increasing amount of people taking selfies – and often without their clothes – either to send to their partners or to keep for themselves, and while taking said images is a personal right, hacking in to them is not.

We all remember the nude photo scandal that hit a few months ago and with stars like Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence being hit the hardest, one former Neighbours actress has taken extreme measures to make sure it does not happen to her.

After sending her former boyfriend naked shots, Caitlin Stasey decided to get ahead of the hackers and release her own shots – on a specially created website – for the world to see.

She claimed:

I thought it was disgusting. Nobody deserves to have their images displayed without their consent.

To say [she] deserves to have them released because she took them in the first place is the same as saying a woman deserves to have her clothes ripped off in public because she has had sex once.

Now I’ve nothing to worry about because everything I am is everywhere.

While the personal stand made by the actress is certainly commendable, even more impressive is the fact that the website she created, can be used to show other women’s pictures, serving as a tool to not only empower Stasey but also millions of other females around the world.