Four Year Old Kid Wants Slushie SO Much She Boards Bus Alone At 3am To Get One

By : Rebecca Knight |



One four year old girl from Philadelphia wanted a slushie so much that she boarded a bus – alone – at 3am to get one after sneaking out of her house while her parents were sleeping.

The bus driver who found the girl was astonished to see her all alone and claimed she could be heard saying ‘all I want is a slushie’.

Annabel Ridgeway was caught on CCTV making her way to slushie land – or as we know it, the convenience store – and after the driver realised things were not quite right, he stopped the bus and called the authorities, who then reunited the slushie lover with her parents.


The adventurous girl was quickly taken to the hospital for a check-up by her relieved parents – who then took her to get her beloved slushie, presumably so they knew she would be safe for the rest of the night!

[via Daily Mirror]