Four-Year-Old ‘Spiderboy’ Keeps Escaping From Home



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A 4-year-old toddler has been nicknamed Spiderboy after repeatedly escaping from his mother’s home.

Four-year-old Jayden Hughes from Stoke-on-Trent will climb out of first-floor windows and scale eight-foot fences so he can go visit his gran who lives on a nearby street.

Jayden has broken out of his home 16 times in the last six months, all so he can go eat cakes at his grandmother’s home.

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Despite the potential risks of a four-year-old wandering the streets unattended after jumping out of a window, all is forgotten when you see Jayden prancing about in his new Spiderman costume.

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Keen to avoid a concerned call from social services, his 28-year-old mother, Emma, has now applied for planning permission to erect a smooth-surfaced wooden panel fence around her garden to stop her son escaping.

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What a little legend.