Frankie Boyle Has Branded Richard Branson A ‘Mad C*nt’

By : Charlie MartinTwitterLogo


Frankie Boyle Has Branded Richard Branson A Mad C*nt tgyhbnjm

Richard Branson is the latest to be at the wrath of Frankie Boyle’s tongue, after he responded to one of Branson’s tweets calling him a ‘mad c*nt’.

Branson had posted a picture of himself decrying the plight of the Arctic, complete with the comment that it was time for conservation and bold leadership to tackle the issues of global warming.

He’s kind of got a point, to be fair.

Branson is there, going on about the plight of the arctic, saying that it is time for conservation… When he has his own airline that pumps all sorts of pollution into the environment!

Loads of people seem to agree with Boyle on this one too, and despite throwing in a C-bomb, it’s pretty tame for Frankie, he can usually cut a lot deeper!

I’m pretty sure that if Branson retaliates, it will get a whole worse.