Free Climbers Complete ‘World’s Toughest Climb’ Up Yosemite Dawn Wall

By : Sam Ridgway |



Two free climbers have just completed ‘the world’s toughest’ climb up the Dawn Wall in California’s Yosemite National Park. It took them 18 days.

Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson are the first free-climbers to complete the ascent up El Capitan, which is as high as two of London’s famous Shard building.


The pair began their climb on December 27 using only their strength, ropes and safety harnesses in the event of a fall.

Thousands watched online and below as they scaled the final part of the 3,000ft ascent in “perfect weather conditions”.

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“It’s incredible that we all were just able to witness one of the greatest feats in climbing history,” said one person on Twitter.

Correct. These lads deserve a pint.

Photos courtest of AP Photo/Tom Evans.