Free Runner James Kingston Released One Of His Craziest Stunts Yet

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Free Runner James Kingston Released One Of His Craziest Stunts Yet free run web thumb

Free runner James Kingston has made another video that will make your heart stop.

The video, filmed with a GoPro camera follows Kingston as he climbs Southampton University. Perhaps the most jaw dropping moment in the video is when he’s standing on top of a blue girder at the very top of a 12 storey building.

He looks like someone out of Assassin’s Creed before jumping into a stack of hay.

We got hold of James to ask him a few questions.

For anyone wanting to get involved, how would you suggest they start out? In playgrounds and shit?

Yeah man just get outside and explore places. Climb trees and anything you can find – that’s how it started for me. Then as your physical and mental ability grows, do the structures you decide to take on.

Have you ever gone to the toilet during a climb?

Hahaha yeah all the time. Peeing off high stuff is strangely satisfying. Only wees though… I’ve never done a number two.

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Have you ever done one at the top and seen how far you could aim?

Yeah haha, the wind takes it so far.

What’s next? What left is there to climb?

Oh man there’s so much left to do! I’ve barely touched the surface…. I don’t think it could ever get old or over-done. Every structure has it’s own unique view and they’re all beautiful in their own way. I’ve climbed a couple of iconic buildings in the past couple of months so stay tuned for those.

What’s the most trouble you’ve ever got into?

I haven’t really gotten in to any trouble. I’ve been arrested a fair few times but that’s it really. The police always see the bright side and that I’m not out to harm anyone so they always end up letting me go. The most intense one was in Paris about a month ago. I got arrested and held in the police station for 12 hours. I was searched thoroughly (thankfully not the bumhole) and questioned for hours. I’ll let you guess what it was I climbed.

You can follow James on Facebook and YouTube to see all his latest videos.