Furious 7 Director Admits He Cries When He Watches The End Of The Movie

By : Alex Bentley |



James Wan hasn’t directed a ‘Furious’ film before, he’s more famous for his horror films. He directed the first Saw films, and also did The Conjuring, which is awesome. But that doesn’t mean that dealing with the death of Paul Walker was any easier for him.

Taking over a franchise after six previous films can’t have been an easy task, so to have the main star tragically pass before finishing filming, then having to pick up a mourning crew, must have been extra difficult.

The last ten minutes of the film apparently pays tribute to Paul Walker, and serve as a goodbye to both him and his character.


Using Walker’s two brothers and special effects, Wan managed to complete the film, but confessed that he cries every time he watches the ending.

Speaking to Uproxx, Wan said:

Let me just say this: I made the movie, I edited the ending I did the music and I cut it all together – and yet I still cry as well. The ending just really, really gets me every time I see it.

The biggest compliment I take away from all of this is the fact that I helped to land a plane that is on fire, basically. More than anything else, that’s what I feel proud of and I feel proud of what I did for Paul and that’s the bottom line. After that incident, it became very clear to all of us that he had to finish this movie. We had to finish it for Paul.

We’re looking forward to seeing what James Wan has done with the franchise, and will have tissues at the ready, just in case, y’know, we get a bit of dust in our eyes and it makes them water…

[Via Uproxx]