Game Of Thrones Enters New Territory, Surpasses The Books

By : Alex Bentley |



Game Of Thrones will be overtaking the books after the end of series 5.

This will bring an end to the smugness of those mates who think they are superior to you and love to remind you that they have read the books, so know what happens. They probably haven’t anyway, but they’ll still say it.

So, now that everybody is on an equal pegging, conversations about what may or may not happen could improve massively.

I wouldn’t know, I’ve never even watched it.

Is Sean Bean dead in it yet? If not he probably will be soon, he always dies in everything.


I imagine that the show’s writers will be sticking to George R.R. Martin’s guidelines, and the whole show won’t suddenly change drastically. I hope so anyway, for my Facebook’s sake.