Garage Attendant Completely Writes Off £300,000 Ferrari

By : Sam Ridgway |


Ferarri smashed

Spare a thought for the Italian garage attendant who managed to completely destroy a Ferrari worth £300,000.

Roberto Cinti, 38, ended up in hospital after the crash, but mainly because he was shocked – rather than injured. The valet was only taking the car a short distance, but managed to mix up the accelerator and brake pedals. Devastating.

He was taking the 599 GTO to its Dutch owners who were staying close-by at the Hotel Exedra in Rome’s Republic Square.

Ferarri 2

The 599 has 670bhp of pulling power and a V12 engine. Not only that, but it uses F1 racing technology and will do a cool 208mph. And 0-60mph you ask? Try 3.4 seconds.

Why a mere mortal who clearly can’t handle a machine like this, was allowed to do so, is beyond me. But I have a feeling someone is going out of business.