Gay Couple Angry At Homophobic Street Name

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A gay couple are fuming, and are calling for a change to the road name ‘Bangays Way’.

Phillip and Ian Tucker from Borough Green in Kent went to have a look around a new development estate, when they saw the road sign.

The street is named as a tribute Frank Bangay, a former parish councillor, historian and school governor that died in 1999.

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Frank Bangay – The man the street is named after.

Phillip said:

My husband and I went to look round the new development, as you do.

Having got over the initial humour, we reflected that this street name was actually pretty offensive.

Somehow seeing it on the sign made it look even worse. We are pretty sure the sign will be subject to frequent vandalism and possible theft.

Apparently Frank Bangay was a local historian. Many local roads are named after local families. But only in one instance did an ‘s’ get tacked on the end.

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The local MP, Tory Tom Tugendhat has said he supports the name change, but did not say that he found it offensive.

Frank Bangay’s family are angry about the opposition, and are considering legal action. Although I’m not sure exactly what grounds. I don’t think you can take somebody to court for being offended by homophobic street names, but whatever.

Frank’s daughter Marian Smith said she was “insulted by the remarks”.

Personally, I can see why the couple are unhappy. They aren’t calling for the name to be scrapped altogether, they want the replacement to include his full name, so I don’t really see why the family are kicking off.


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